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Why is there not enough pictures?

We request and encourage that landlords and property owners to post pictures As many of the properties are smaller communities, once they are rented, it will be another year before the same property becomes available. It is not cost effective for us to send a camera man to take pictures of a property that won't become available for another year or so and to keep this data. We recommend that one sets up appointments and views the properties in person.

Can I search by zip code?

You can search by zip code, in the quick search bar type the zip code you are interested, and you will be able to view the results. Scroll up and down to the price range you are interested in.

How do I search for section 8 properties?

Please go the search pages, and in the quick search bar, type in section 8. The results are immediately available units under your price range. Please Scroll up and down to see the price or cities you are searching in.

What should I do if I have a problem?

In case you are having difficulty with your search results, we are here to help you. Pleas issue a trouble ticket under contact us and tell us the nature of the difficulty you are having. An agent will research your question and contact you via e-mail.

Do you have specific listings for handicapped-accessible rentals?

We specifically ask all of the landlords that post listings through us if their units are handicapped-accessible, so our search engine allows you to specify that as a search option. Also, if you call and speak to a rental agent in our offices we can recommend a community or complex in your area that will suit your needs.

Can I search for rent-control or Section 8 rentals?

Some areas have established rules regulating when and how much the rent on a unit can be raised, under a clause known as rent-control. So far, Santa Monica is the only part of Los Angles that enforces rent-control, and some of the listings that we cover in Santa Monica are under its jurisdiction. If you are unsure if the rental that you are looking at is rent-controlled you should contact the landlord for more information.

Section 8 is a special housing assistance program sponsored by the government. The landlords that advertise Section 8 in their listings can accept the program credentials, but not all landlords are aware of the program. If you have enrolled in the Section 8 program, ask any prospective landlords if they are currently enrolled with the HUD housing program, or if they have considered signing up for the Section 8 program.

Do you have a section for Pet-OK apartments? How does having a pet affect my options?

Our search engine allows you to specify a wide range of options, and pet-specific searches is one of them.

Most landlords advertise that pets are not accepted in their apartments, but we have found that many will reconsider if you offer an additional pet deposit, or can provide a letter of recommendation from a previous landlord who can state that they had no issues with your pet. In addition, many landlords do not consider smaller animals like birds or fish to be pets, and will permit them.

What is rent control? Do you list apartments in areas that are rent-controlled?

Rent control prevents the landlord from raising your rent, except under certain controlled circumstances. For example In the LA area, only Santa Monica has rent control-and yes, we do have some rent-controlled listings there.

What is Section 8? Do you list properties that accept Section 8?

Yes, we do list properties that accept Section 8. The Section 8 certificate and voucher programs are housing assistance programs funded by the US government and administered by local housing authorities. Since not all our landlords are aware of the program, however, you might want to consider rentals that don't specify whether they accept the voucher.

What are credit references?

A credit reference is anything that shows that you have good credit. Car payments made on time and a credit card that has been good for several years are examples of credit references.

What is a holding deposit?

A holding deposit is a sum of money, often equal to one month's rent, given to the landlord to guarantee that the place will not be rented to anyone else before you move in.